Reliable, Affordable, and Trustworthy Stump Removal in Portland Oregon

We Remove Stumps Without Hurting Your Wallet.

How Our Stump Removal Services Work

Step 1: You Call Us (And We’ll Actually Cheerfully Answer)

If you call in the morning, we’ll answer. If you call in the evening, we’ll answer. You get the picture.

Step 2: A Certified, Trained Arborist Will Come Look At Your Stumps (For Free)

We can’t give you a proper quote before seeing your stumps. That’s why our trained arborist will come out (for free) and look at your stumps.

Step 3: You’ll Get a Fair and Comprehensive Quote

Our goal (besides, ya know, saving the planet) is to not break your wallet. That’s why all of our quotes are fair and affordable.

Step 4: Our Crew Will Come Out And Quickly Remove All Stumps

We come out whenever works best for you. Our crew quickly and efficiently removes all of your stumps and leaves your property looking better than when we found it.

Stump Removal Cost

Stump removal costs vary. It’s impossible for us to give an accurate stump removal estimate without actually coming out to your property and taking a look at the stumps.

Why can’t we give a comprehensive estimate over the phone?

Well, there are a number of factors that our trained and certified arborist will need to look at before giving you a quote:

  • How many stumps do you have? The cost per stump will go down if you have 25 stumps to remove versus just one stump.
  • The size of the stump
  • The type of tree that left the stump
  • And much more 

How to Remove a Stump

There are many people that think that DIY stump removal is a thing.

And, for a very small percentage of people with a lot of money to buy the right equipment, that might be true. They might be able to properly remove their stumps.

But, for most people, removing a stump is nearly impossible.

Option 1: Use Nasty Chemicals To Try To Remove Your Stumps

Some folks buy nasty chemicals (that could potentially harm both the environment and their own health) in hopes of removing a stump.

But, the issue is that these chemicals don’t fully work. 

The result?

You spend hours of your day, and a decent amount of money, getting frustrated without seeing any results.

Some people say, “Well, there’s a natural way to remove tree stumps with epsom salt.”

Unfortunately, that way doesn’t work either.

Option 2: Rent All The Necessary Equipment and Spend Days Potentially Hurting Yourself

Sure, you could go out and rent some equipment. 

But, at the end of the day, you’re not trained. It’ll take you 10x as long to figure out how to use the darn equipment. 

Not to mention that you might get hurt. 

Best Way to Remove Stumps? A Professional.

Here at Portland Tree Service Co., we’re professionals. Our team knows what they’re doing. They get the work done fast. And, we’re affordable. 

Stop wasting your time watching YouTube videos on how to remove stumps and hire us.